New Podcast: “I Said What I Said”

The format having been taken for a test drive in the form of Gumroad’s FÜROSHARUN RIOT INC. will launch a new Mainstream Service Provider Podcast: I Said What I Said.

I Said What I Said - Podcast Cover
“I Said What I Said” Artwork

The weekly open discussion formatted show will include guest speakers, audience call-ins and promotion for underground and indie-network musical acts.

The particularly unique quality of the show comes in almost no form at all; that being the complete lack of copyright protection for the podcast. All episodes are to be immediately dedicated to the public domain and all imagery and musical performances associated with the show will follow suit (with discretion being given in advanced to all participants.)

I Said What I Said begins production in the fall of 2023 (after the conclusion of Nothing But The Truth), and is expected to be released across streaming services beginning in February 2024.


John Mateer Signature

John Thomas Mateer,
Executive Director